We Educate together


We are a network of people distributed in the national territory; We believe that thanks to the beekeeping practiced in the urban environment we can educate to a greater attention to the territory, to the agriculture, to the biodiversity and more in general to the environmental.

Many of us are beekeepers, professionals and hobbyists. Some are sympathizers of the world of bees, others are lovers of the world of nature, plants, other insect pollinators and more generally people sensitive to the theme of environmental protection and biodiversity.

You could be an urban beekeeper too.

Save Bees and Farmers !

We are coming together from across the whole European Union to call for a bee-friendly agriculture to the benefit of farmers, health and the environment!

With our European Citizens’ Initiative, we call on the European Commission to support an agricultural model that allows farmers and biodiversity to thrive in harmony.

We share and agree the ECI, European Campaign to save bees from the use and abuse of pesticides. The ECI will end in 2021.

sign HERE -> https://www.savebeesandfarmers.eu/eng

This is the EU ECI approval law.


More info here : https://www.slowfood.com/sloweurope/en/slow-food-joins-the-eci-save-bees-and-farmers/

World Bee Day

Active day of action in favor of bees all over the planet, in Italian cities the urban beekeepers of the national Beekeeping Urban Network animate the squares and the streets with different activities, to raise awareness on the theme of the survival of this precious Insect.

Our last WBD2020