That's who we are

The Urban Api Network is a cultural movement based on a positive idea of freedom and respect for the environment and animal welfare.

What do we do

We promote to all citizens the respect of the times and the biological cycles of each one, the biodiversity or the respect and the value of the differences through the pleasure of discovery, knowledge, experience, education.

We promote and defend those who value honey bees and wild ones in urban centers and want to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

We propose a new way of relating to the world by re-evaluating the naturalness of the relations between citizens and the bees.

Beekeeping in the city

Linked to the city, which is the center of Communication, urban beekeeping can lead to forms of art, involve citizens, schools and children to discover the rhythms and expressions of natural life, promote local production of food and serve to monitor The quality of the environment.

It also wants to be the pretext for proposing an active and shared participation of the city's people to safeguard biodiversity, from maintaining urban hives to cultivating sources of pasture for bees.