World Bee Day 2019-Press release

All ready also in Italy for the WORLD BEE DAY 2 days in support of bees with the national network beekeeping Urban 

On May 20, 2019, on the occasion of the WORLD BEE DAY, active day of action in favor of the bees all over the planet, in the Italian cities the urban beekeepers of the national apiculture Network animate the squares and the streets with different activities, to raise awareness on Theme of the survival of this precious insect.

The National Urban Beekeeping network coordinates the most interesting experiences of beekeeping in the whole peninsula. In fact, the bees in the urban context play an important role, both from a collective aggregation point of view and as an instrument of environmental didactics, as well as crucial biomonitoring tools. By studying the products of the hive it is possible to have valuable clues about the health of our cities. 

Awareness-raising activities will include a series of environmental laboratories organized in different ways. We do BeesBoccia wants to spread in the cities a greater environmental sensitivity, starting from the certainty that a non-bee-size environment is not even human-sized.

As is now known, bees cannot live in an unhealthy and polluted environment; The presence of bees tells us that we are in an environment also a citizen still livable for the human being.